Kyle's Fanfiction

The days on the Theologica were passing by slowly for Prima, and he tried his best to fill the slow void that was building; but nothing had seemed to work. Wille and Nova were always busy with political work or one another and it was rare to see either around. Talking to Kirie just hadn't felt quite the same, and although he loved the attention of all the girls when he did decide to come out of his room he didn't want it. He was still incredibly lonely so in a desperate attempt to do ANYTHING that could get him out of this funk he messaged some of the girls in their group chat.

Lina & Co.

PrimeTime: Hey..I've been feeling kind of under the weather would any of u mind bringing me some tea or something?

LinaLove: Sure! I was just heading to the cafeteria does any one else want anything?

Av3tt: I could bring some muffins! I was baking seeing as class was cancelled since Verette set a fire in the labs...

gLorious: I mean if everyone is going to just chill in Prima's room I want to come, I planned on cutting my hair, does anyone want to helpt me?

Av3tt: I don't know shit about cutting hair but I would love to contribute

LinaLove: I'll help! I love make overs!

PrimeTime: Awesome I'll see u all soon :))

Prima sat his com down and stretched out melodramatically, reaching each limb to its limit before jumping up and beginning to make his room vaguely more appealing to a group of enthusuastic girls. Just as he was picking up the remnants of mess off his floor he heard three polite taps at his door, before Lina, Lori, and and Avett came flooding in, their arms overflowing with sweet treats, drinks, and significantly more beauty supplies than needed for a haircut.

"We've got news!" Lori announced as they sat down everything on Prima's coffee table and got situated around the room. "When we were in the cafeteria we saw Lyena Nova, he's gone strawberry blonde!"

"Oh yeah, he had me help him out with that the other night, it kinda surprised me too," said Prima. The group continued to idly chat over muffins and tea, when Lori decided to get down to business with her hair. She got out her shears, razor and comb.

"I think I mostly just want to trim up my dead ends and maybe do some bangs- what do you think, Prima?"

He smiled mildly.

"Well I honestly think anything would look amazing on you. Maybe go shorter, try something more adventurous?"

Lori's eyes lit up as she eagerly set to work on her hair having Lina hold the mirror for her as she worked. Avett set her eyes upon Prima's disheveled dark hair.

"It's funny you tell Lori to try something new, when ever since you cut your hair I don't think I've seen you style it differently. Maybe you should give it a shot," she teased him lightly as she ran her fingers through it.

"Hm..I'm not so sure... I think this suits me well enough. But I'll think on it."

After about two and a half hours of intense focus, with Avett and Lina taking turns holding the mirror, Lori had an intense asymetrical cut with the left side cutting right at her jaw and layering down past her collarbone on the right. Everyone sang praises and took turns playing with her hair as they goofed off and watched shitty second-rate ghost ship movies. Eventually the girls cleared out, and although their company had definitely helped him feel better, he still couldn't quite figure out whatever it was that was missing. He laid in bed sulking for a moment and thinking about what he could do to occupy his mind if it wasn't going to let him sleep. He glanced over at the small hologram illuminating his desk under a projection of a picture of him, Wille, and Nova the time showed in pale blue 3:20 am. He thought back to what Avett had said.

And just like that, in a moment of manic fervor, he called up Lori (who was thankfully still awake. In a snap, she was on her way with hair-cutting shears and a bottle each of bleach, toner, and turquoise hair dye respectively.

After seeing everything splayed out on the table, the gravity of what he was about to do finally hit him.

"I'm not so sure anymore... plus dying my hair right after Nova, he's gonna think I'm a hack..."

Lori looked at him sympathetically.

"Babe, it'll be fine! It's fun to experiment! Besides, Nova thinks everyone is a hack."

After the vague reassurances from Lori, he sat down in the chair and let her set to work, accepting whatever his fate may be.

After what felt like far too long, he felt the strange puffy brush tickle the back of his neck as Lori swept away the last remaining hairs and pulled off the cape in one fluid motion.

"You're all done! Take a look."

She swiveled his chair around and he looked up in the mirror above his desk to see a totally different person staring back. His fluffy mess had been tamed into a very straight and neat cut, parting just left of the center, the stark turquoise juxtaposing his still black ears and tail. It was A LOT and it was intense! But it was not enough. He HAD to do more. After further discussion (and enthusiastic agreement on Lori's part) they finished up his dye job by lightening the tips of his ears with the blue and adding rings around his tail mimicking some of the local wildlife Prima had encounter on one of their recent diplomatic stops. After the process was complete, Prima found himself absolutely deranged with power over how easy it was to manipulate his appearance. After he had finally taken the steps to feel comfortable in his own skin he never felt the need to do more. He didn't think of it as something he could find fulfillment in, the way other royals would adorn themselves with jewelry or even common people such as the cadets on the Theologica would highlight or change their hair. But now he KNEW and it would be Wille and Nova who would have to face the consequences.

The Next Morning...

Prima approached Wille's door gingerly and rapped on the door in his signature way so Wille wouldn't ignore the disturbance. When the door creaked open, there was an audible gasp as a still tired eyed William took in the image before him. After adjusting and realizing it was Prima beneath the intense dye overly done eyeliner and unnecessarily zippered and chained outfit with heavy jewelry, his eyes lit up devilishly.

"Please do come in, I really can't wait for Nova to see this." The moment Prima stepped through the threshold, Nova rounded the corner. He jumped, spilling his tea everywhere, his tail fur standing straight as he evaluated his younger brother before him.

"Why? But- And I had just? YOU FUCKING HACK."

The End