I am Nova.

Prince of the Starka Empire.

i am 16 years old. My mother and farther tell me i will one day be king.

When i was very young my mother and farther arraged for me to meet Mordau.

He's Lovely, He cares for me like no other. You could say we were together.

And thats where i am today...

Here my story Begins...

Nov's Unspooken Affiar

i look out towards the palace courtyard from my bedroom... i hadnt eaten in days. well not since he left, all i could think of was him.

There was a knock on my door.

" Come in."

" Miss me?"

" Mordau your back! Oh you dont know how much i've missed you!"

I ran towards him. he held his arms open for me to fall into.

" How was it?"

"Not so good." he sighed. " He is still very ill."

" Im sorry. i should have come with you."

" No. you had to be here."

He kissed me lightly on my lips.

how long i had waited for him to kiss me again.

Mordaus borther the high judge of the empire court. Has been very ill. they dont think he will last much longer.

" Nova come with me."

" Where are we going?"

with out a word he lifted me up and carried me

" Mordauuuuuu!"

" Shhh, Come on where's your sence of fun gone?"

i clung onto Mordaus neck as he carried me down to the outside courtyard.

i giggled. " Are you my knight and shining armour?"

" Of course i am."

He placed me lightly down on the ground.

" you Love me right?"

" More then anything..."

He kissed me.

" Marry Me then."

" Oh Marth of course i will Marry you!"

The rest of the day i couldnt stop myself from smiling.

we hadnt told anyone we were yet to be married.

i decided to go back to my room. the hall way was dark now.

i lit a candle and headed for my room.

i heard a Foot step. coming from behind me.

" Hello? Mordau?"

a bowl on one of the table's fell to the floor. i screamed. it rushed from one side to the other. a painting of me and my family fell to the ground, i turned around and started to run.

i tripped and fell over...

" get away from me!"

it grapped a hold of my leg and pulled me towards it.

i dug my nails into the ground leaving marks as i trailed along the ground as it pulled me


i felt and hand be placed on my waist.

" What are you doing!"

" Nova! Is that you? where are you?!"

" Mordau Please help me !!!"

i couldnt see him anywhere

i felt myself being able to pull away.

i grapped the candle.

" Mordau!"

" Stay back!"

He had his sword around its neck

" What do you think your doing here! Who sent you?!"

" I will not give him away!"

" Then we will hang you!"

By now our gaurds had heard all the noise and came up.

" Lyena are you okay ?"

" No im not okay!"

" Just take this man to the chambers."

" Yes sir"

" Lyena let us help you up."

" I can do that. you showed up too late!"


held his hand out and pulled me back up to my feet.

My hands were shaking.

he took my back to my room and put me in bed.

He sat by bed side for about an hour while he watched me sleep.

He kissed my forhead

" Goodnight Nova sleep well."

My farther walked in and sat by my side.

" Nova this will not happen again. i will make sure of it." You need a gaurd. someone to protect you."

" No! i dont need one"

" Nova there will be no talk about this. we are talking to the man that attacked you now... and intill we find out who is really behind this you will not walk alone!"

" He does not need a guard! i will do it. he only needs me to protect him... why another twink!"

" Mordau! Leave it! a new body guard will be sent to you as soon as possible."

" He will not talk or touch him!"

" Fine Mordau... Now please leave!"


i watched my farther storm out of the room in rage. why is he so mad? im the one with a bloody body guard...

As if i need one. i get attacked once! and i could of handled it myself if i was ready for it.

just the thought of someone following my every move makes me shudder, The moon was glazing opon my tile floor. which i could see the reflection. i sigh in defeat and lay my head onto my pillow...

i close my eyes and waited till morning...

" Nova my dear..."

i moaned and tried to turn round and go back to sleep.

" You must get up my dear. Your farther is waiting for you..."

i opened one eye to look at him. " He is?"

" Yes. Now hurry. Your kita is on your chair."

When i eventually made it out of my bed i decided to open my window and gaze opon my town.

i smiled and saw my new kita on my chair where he left it. " Its beautiful."

i did my hair how i wanted it and pulled on my kita. He always had good taste in my kitas he is always there for me

"ready" i told myself. as i walked out of my door i was greeted by Mordau. He looks annoyed again.

"Morning." I reached up to kiss him. he wasnt keen. he made no effort whats so ever to even kiss me.


i started to walk off. if he was going to be like that. i want nothing to do with his mood swings.


i turned to face him.

" What ever happens. Dont interact with your body guard. i dont want him even near you and im not happy about your fathers choices. But i cant go against him."

" Mordau. i can do what i want."

I suddenly remembered My farther was waiting for me in the courtyard.


he hugged me.

"i didnt think you would come after last night"

i smiled for him out of poiletness

"Boy! Get over here!"

two of my farthers guards walked towards us with another boy infront.

" Ahh William... Well? did your Mother not teach you how to greet royalty?"

the two guards behind pushed him towards us so he landed on his knees.

" Nova is who you must protect with your life! Dont mess this up kid."

i didnt really pay much attention to him as i could see Mordau looking out of my window.

i cant stand people bowing to me. i feel rather uncomfortable. i sighed "Please stand."

i turned around to walk away while trying not to catch a glimps of farthers eye.

" He is the best trained swordsmen around. you have no need to worry again."

" YES of course farther."

i found myself headig towards the hall way. Argh everywhere i go he's just going to be following.

" William im going to my room. Come if you must." Stupid thig to say. i knew he would come anyway.

We arrived up near my room and William came in to. he stoud guarding my door as i went to look out at my window.

The silence is turture...

" We havnt properly introduced our selves have we? Come stand over here."

He looked around as if to see if i was talking to him. finally He walked over and stoud before me.

" I am Nova... Prince of the Starka Empire."

" You dont need to bow to him...!" Suddenly Mordau showed up.

" I know..."

"Watch it boy..."

i sighed." He isnt always like that."

i couldnt really tell if William didnt know what to say or just didnt dare...

" Im going to see Mordau."

i got up and walked into the sitting room. He was talking to my farther.

" I will leave you to it. i have a feeling its not me he wants to talk to."

Mordau laughed.

" Wait out here William."

Mordau walked towards me and hug me.

" Im sorry for this morning. i didn't sleep much. Forgive me?"

" I suppose so..."

" i Love you Nova."

" And i Love you to."

He held my. "hand i must leave. i need to see my borther."

" i hope he is okay give him my Love."

i watched Mordau as he got into his spaceship and rode away,

i moved up stairs back to my bedroom. i told William to sit where ever he feels comfy.

i was writing my weekly letter to the council. its pretty useless if you ask me i write the same stuff everytime.


I looked up from my letter.

" Im sorry."

" What ever for?"

" I know you dont want me here."

i dropped my paper and looked shocked.

" William its not that i dont want you here. i was just suprised at what happend yesterday."

As much as he is annoying i cant help but feel sorry for him.

" William... Cheer up." i said giving my biggest smile. For the first time all day he smiled...

It was getting late and we were both tired.

Mordau would be back soon and i should wait up for him.

The frount door slammed. We looked up and i ran down the stairs and towards Mordau.



his arm came towards me and pushed me. i fell to the ground and hit my head.

with my blurred vision all i could see was Mordau storming into the next room.

" Nova Nova!"

i looked up.

" Are you okay?"

tears streaming down my face.

" NO William im not!"

William looked around me to make sure knowone was around.

" I'll take you up."

He lifted my body up and carried me to my room he was putting me down on my bed.

As he was laying me down i mumbled...

" You shouldnt be doing this..."

" I know..."

Part 3 Coming Soon!