William Bougainvilla woke up with a twisting feeling in his chest, and tears in his eyes.

He laid still for a moment, blinking them away slowly. The remnants of a nightmare hovered for a moment in his mind, then gently faded away.

He sat up slowly, looking around at the still packed boxes in his room.

... He hadn't ever had that feeling before.

He recollected himself a bit, and then picked up his cell phone, unlocking it and scrolling down his list of contacts.

He tapped a name.

The phone rang for a moment.

" ...Mom?"

" Oh, Will, are you settling in okay? Do you want me to bring you dinner later? It's your first day away from home, after all-"

" No, it's fine, I just..." His voice trailed off, heavy.

" Are you alright? You don't sound so well, are you sure you'll be okay-?"

" I just had a bad dream," he managed to say.

" A bad dream?"

" It just. I just... I'm me, aren't I? I'm just me, and I'm nobody else?"

His voice cracked.