" So how's Noctis settling in?" Redlin asked, smiling, stacking his plate high with portions that seemed too big even for him.

" She's been dragging Prima around like a one-winged bird and hides like she's nocturnal," Nova replied. " So rather well, I think. The 13th Fleet is renowned for its eccentricities."

Redlin laughed.

" Yeah? You know, you seem more comfortable here too," he said.

Nova looked down at his own plate.

Ulgir was still in the kitchen. William was still hiding in his room.

" Redlin, can I ask you something?" he said slowly.

" Yeah, sure."

He was starting to stuff his face.

" Was it true... that... Lyena. wasn't..." He paused, struggling for words.

Redlin's face began to turn pale, and he set his cutlery down slowly.

" Was it true that... Lyena Ifrit... wasn't Irdat's son?" Nova asked.

" I mean... If you really want to know," Redlin said. " He wasn't."