Tiamat: The Primal Beast of Wind

Here she is! Babey! The first primal beast to appear, Tiamat. The guardian spirit of the second island in the game, Port Breeze, a centuries-old spirit with control over the aspect of Wind.

Being the first Primal we knowingly encounter in the game, Tiamat is pretty much designed to introduce us to the concept, and while she has a lot of fun attributes, she's nowhere near as fun as some of the Primals introduced later. I've always been on the fence about her design, though she's also recruitable as a crew member and I love her as a character. 'But wait,' you say. 'Nyafka, you said you wouldn't review the more humanoid Primal Beasts since they're basically just characters like everybody else'. Well, Tiamat sort of rides the line on that.

If you look more closely at her in-game art, Tiamat isn't fully humanoid... The wind dragons she's always drawn with actually seem to be emerging from some sort of non-euclidean space within her body. This is especially obvious in her battle sprite; they aren't coming from off screen or anything like that, they're literally just coming out from her.

Another interesting aspect setting Tiamat aside from the other humanoid Primal Beasts is that she can't actually speak- at least, not in a way that the player or other humans can understand. All of her speaking dialogue is a light tinkling wind chime noise, which only Lyria (one of your companions, who has strange powers related to Primal Beasts) and other Primals seem to understand. It's a little sad that as players we can't understand her- she seems really sweet!

Later on in the game, Tiamat's power becomes bonded with one of your crew members, Rackam, leading to him getting another level uncap. I haven't quite hit this part yet since I've been focusing too much on farming mats for weapons, but it's another interesting thing to keep in mind when discussing Primal Beasts and how they interact with the mortals of their setting.

While I have a lot of love and praise for Tiamat and her dragons, she's nowhere near being the most interesting Primal Beast in the game- she's barely even scratching the surface! As we go on we'll be meeting Primal Beasts with control over things like truth and lies, the fundamental structure of reality, and gambling luck.

Final Score: 3.5/5 Wind Chimes

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