Luminiera: The Primal Beast Of Very Pretty Lady Knights and also Light I Guess?

Oh, now we're getting into the good shit. What other elements does GBF have besides the classic wind-fire-water-earth quartet? Why, Light and Dark, of course. Luminiera here is our first Primal Beast representing the element of Light, and she's where things really kick in and start getting weird. Her 'true' form being a little softly glowing sprite with winged bits flying around is cool enough, BUT. There's even more.

With the first couple Primal Beasts, we learned about their powers, their origin, and their impact on the sky islands that they inhabit. Luminiera's chunk of the main quest neatly elaborates on all of these things... And man, it's a wild ride. You see, Luminiera doesn't get to just chill and hang out and exist like all the other Primal Beasts we've met so far; she binds with and inhabits things, such as the gun above, and even people. As a matter of fact, her island, the Albion Citadel, is always ruled by a human being who has earned Luminiera's power and bonded with her. This leads to a very messy and, in my opinion, somewhat regrettably written situation with one of the main characters of the story, Katalina, getting into trouble with her former classmate, Vira, who she essentially dumped the power of Luminiera onto because she didn't want to become Albion's leader.

Luminiera's Omega form, pictured above, isn't quite as interesting to me as her very small, fairy-like true form, but the implication of her art that's she dragging the whole island into the fight with her gives a staggering sense of scale to just how powerful Primal Beasts really are. Imagine if the state of Tennessee got into an argument with Arkansaw and it just uprooted itself and a gigantic swordwoman popped out and dragged the state with her into combat.

Later on, if you recruit Vira's SSR to your crew, she becomes possessed by Luminiera again and just immediately uses that power for lesbianism. I'm not a fan of how she's written sometimes but she's incredibly valid for that. Vira, please fall in love with me instead. I know how to cook.

Final Score: 4/5 Oneesamas

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