Celeste: The Primal Beast of the Dead

Look at this. Look at this. God, I love Celeste. She's just a big! rotting! boat!! She's a big boat girl! Not only is she a big haunted boat, she's a Primal Beast with control over the dead, and, as a matter of fact, you initially meet her on an island inhabited by zombies and ghosts who are kept in their perpetual unlife because of a pact she made a very long time ago with a certain girl. Well, alright, technically she's an airship, not a boat, but still. There's a lot of fun stuff going on there. It even takes a minute to see the humanoid bit of her body, coming off of the prow of the ship. Even more fun than that is that she's based off a real haunted ship!! That's right... She was inspired by the US ship, the Mary Celeste, which was found abandoned with its crew missing all the way back in 1872. I used to read about the mystery of the Mary Celeste all the time in my spooky books as a kid, and to see a character based off of it is really exciting.

Her Omega form is even better. Her humanoid upper body is rising up out of a calamitous wreck of discarded and destroyed airships, serene in expression and draped in mourning clothes.

"She fills the miasma with derisive laughter, a sound that is despair manifest. A gruesome mass of souls accumulates at her feet as she eats away at the world, melding with her to become one terrifying creature."

Even her official description is in on it here. Celeste is laughing at the misery she harbors, and it's so easy to imagine her as a terrific weapon in a war waged millenia ago, knowing only battle and death and destruction. Countless mortal airships fell to her, and countless mortal lives have been consumed by her. How sad it is, then, that she wandered for a thousand years after, defeated and without purpose? Fading into myth? It's almost ironic that as the Primal Beast of the Mist-Shrouded Isle, she protects the undead inhabitants; a former enemy of mortals now bound to them by a single girl's wish.

4.5/5 Haunted Boats

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