Phoenix: The Primal Beast of Falling Flame

And with Mithra, I've decided to take a change of pace and start reviewing the side story Primal Beasts, since getting into later story stuff at this point would be a little heavy. The side stories are where the biggest chunk of fantastic designs are, anyways; though admittedly, starting off with Phoenix is a little underwhelming. It is exactly what it says on the tin; Phoenix is a Phoenix, and it spreads lots of fire, and it doesn't like casinos that much. Which is honestly pretty respectable. I can respect Phoenix. It's another one of those early Primal Beasts that's just establishing the concept before gbf crew gets really wack with it. One unique thing about Phoenix I do appreciate is its heavy metal accents. It's almost like the poor thing was locked up somewhere.

Final Score: 2/5 Phoenix Downs

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