Bonito: Primal Beast of.... Oh, Motherfucker. Here we go again.

It's just a fish. It's just another fucking fish. Motherfucker, does this look like a joke to you? GBF artist? You gonna give us another fish? Fuck you.

Okay but in all actuality the only time I have ever enjoyed a single thing in the summer stories is when the camera zooms in on Vyrn's face and he's like, 'you know, we're all eating Bonito right now... But isn't Bonito a Primal Beast?' and then the story just ends on that. The fact that you just canonically have eaten the flesh of a artificial lifeform constructed a thousand years ago for the sole purpose of waging war multiple times in the summer stories is incredibly funny to me. Maybe that's why there aren't very many Bonito around anymore; maybe there used to be a whole fuckton of them and they've all just been eaten. Smanched. Munched. Crunched. By hungry mortals who didn't know any better. Imagine what the Astrals would have to say.

1.5/5 bikini alts

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