Lupin III

Where to start with Lupin? Who knows! I recommend the Ghibli movie, Castle of Cagliostro, though my favorite Lupin movie is the Mystery of Mamo (sorry to Miyazaki's directorial debut). Lupin III is one of the longest running franchises in Japan, about the loveable bastard thief Lupin- he's like, the grandkid or somethin of the french literary thief Arsene Lupin- pulling off various absurd heists. Fujiko Mine is big sexy.


I watched this in 7th grade and I've loved it ever since. A nonlinear narrative with oodles of characters that never lets up, jumping back and forth to weave a tight web of "damn, so that's how that happened, huh". 20s gangsters, immortal bastards, a train called the Flying Pussyfoot. Durarara could never.

Cowboy Bebop

I would be worried if I had to introduce this show to anyone. If you haven't seen it, watch it. It's quite literally THE essential viewing for any person with good taste.

Death Parade

Anime doesn't make me cry often. Death Parade made me cry like a little bitch. With an episodic structure but an over-arching plot, it follows a man named Decim who decides the destinations of the souls of the dead, based on fun party game tests, and his blackhaired assistant. Every ounce of this show is gorgeous. Even the goofy bits end up painful. Death is a haunting thing and this is one of the best depictions of how it changes people.

Ergo Proxy

The reason I decided to compile this list. Sci-fi dystopia drowning in gorgeous religious imagery, following a lady private detective named Re-L investigating the recent disturbances amongst robots in her city. But then it turns into much, much, more than that. So much than that. Fuck blue lives Vincent is skinny.

Ghost in the Shell

The manga is... weird... But the first movie adaptation is a masterpiece, and the TV series Standalone Complex is also a fun romp in sci-fi politics. Motoko Kusanagi lesbian, too bad she's a fuckin cop. She investigates cyber brain crimes! wow!


Harmony is on my yuri list too. I love Harmony. Watch Harmony. I'm gonna kin Tuan Kirie.

Hellsing Ultimate

Guns! Vampires! Ridiculously over the top budgets! The hollow taste of victory ringing out in a never ending war, immortals who wander the battlefield crying for death like children! Titties! That's what Hellsing is all about. If you can handle a little skeeviness it's worth it. It's good as fuck, unironically.

Kachou Ouji: Legend of Black Heaven

My favorite romcom about cheating on your wife. I hate that I love this show. It's so well written it's unreal. Has one of my favorite anime openings of all time. About a middle aged man who used to be in a metal band getting recruited by aliens to use rock'n'roll to fight an interstellar war.


I can't explain Kaiba. Kaiba hurts.



Kuuchuu Buranko

Funmy greem bear treats people's mental conditions. Thoughtful and weirdly trippy exploration of the psyche, surprising from fucking Toei. Blends live action, animation, rotoscoping, bastardry, and nonlinear narrative.

Le Chevalier D'eon

Silly french man gets possessed by his sister's ghost and Brad Pitt becomes bisexual. Gorgeous set and character design, exploring a deep historical conspiracy tinged by the supernatural.


A medicine seller (who probably isn't human himself) wanders Japan exorcising ghosts... Three or four self-contained stories. One of the most gorgeous shows I've ever seen in my life. I want it on blu-ray so fucking bad. Beautiful and destructive and emotional.


Tenma, an incredibly talented neurosurgeon, saves the life of a child over a politician at his prestigious hospital... Only for that child and his twin sister to disappear days later. Murders surface in his wake, and Tenma becomes a wanted man, tracking down the ghost of someone who he saved.


Similar premise to Mononoke, following a wandering medicine seller who exorcises supernatural beings called 'mushi'. Slow, philosophical, gorgeous. One of the most technically perfect anime ever produced.


Satoshi Kon goes through some fun dreams! Has Vocaloid in the soundtrack. I love this movie. Inception ripped off the movie. I regret watching this with my dad cos there's titties.

Pet Shop of Horrors

Vintage OVA weirdness with a fair amount of homoeroticism and supernatural flair. About a detective investigating the strange occurrences around a certain pet shop in Chinatown... Has Vampire Princess Miyu vibes.


Texhnolyze broke my soul. I close my eyes and I see the bright blue sky, the rolling green hills, and the deep fear the simple sight of that sent shivering down my spine. One of the most depressing shows I've ever seen.

The Big O

Batman except he pilots a mech and has a robot maid. Goes major fucking meta at the end, questioning the existence of practically everything. There's even a Joker knockoff who also pilots a mech. Alfred is there.


Fun and spicy! Vash the Stampede has a big ole fuckin bounty out on his stupid head, and two insurance agents desperately try to cover for all the damage he's causing on theiir desert sci-fi planet... Oh, and then it starts getting into why it's a desert sci-fi planet. And how Vash is connected to that.

Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood is one of the stupidest goth animes in existence, it exists almost purely for aesthetic, it's literally just "what if there was a VAMPIRE who ate OTHER VAMPIRES and he was SEXY in a MOE way but also TORMENTED." and then this one turns out to be sci-fi too. Cardinal Catherine has lesbian vibes. I love this show.

Vampire Hunter D


Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

SEXIER. i cried over this movie actually. it's painful and beautiful all at once

Tatami Galaxy

About a silly little college student who can't decide how to spend his college life! Pretty art, breakneck pacing, fun and eccentric. It gets going and then it becomes so much more.

Yuri!!! On Ice

I. I guess this fits my criteria. And it's gay so that's fun.



Watch yoi.

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