Horror Recs: God Why Isn't There More Good Horror Anime!!!

So in the spirit of Halloween, here's a list of good horror anime... That is woefully incomplete and that I will update as time goes on, because I want to only recommend things I've already seen and can put a seal of approval on. Don't wanna rec any fuckshit on accident, you know. So don your Dracula capes and glue on your fake fangs (if you have real fangs please email me), here's that good good. Good creepy scary atmospheric anime horror.


I wrote a fairly comprehensive review/recommendation for Another here, and I stand by it as one of the best modern efforts to make a horror anime. I'm probably the only person on Earth to ever recommend it with the caveat that the death scenes are overdone and tacky, but it is legitimately very good at building an atmosphere and the ending is excellent.

Blood: The Last Vampire

The original short movie... The first and frankly only good entry in the franchise. It's much more actiony than scary, but the Halloween setting and vampire theming make it an indispensable watch. It's really not even that much of your time. Please. Watch Saya do big stab with a sword. You won't regret it.

Ghost Hunt

Imagine if Ghost Adventures was real and Zak Bagans was a stoic handsome bishounen instead of being a huge fucking fraud, and you get to be his girlfriend [ASMR]. Then you've got a good rough idea of what Ghost Hunt is. It's a really fun and unique take on the whole ghost hunter deal that I would gladly recommend to anyone looking to get some scares in.

Lily C.A.T.

This is what would happen if you let a deranged heterosexual man direct an animated knock off of Alien. That's Lily C.A.T., and it's body horror galore. This movie is so 80s, it's great. Definitely worth an hour of your life.


Presidential Alert: The supernatural beings are fightingggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!! Pulling really heavily from traditional Japanese influences, Mononoke is one of the prettiest shows ever made by anybody, and it's also full of legitimately terrifying horror (fitting, as it was originally spun off from Ayakashi:Classic Japanese Horror Tales). Even if you don't like scary stuff, watch it for the art alone. And also because Kusuri-uri is a sex icon. We stan one man.

Paranoia Agent

Fun fact! I was scared shitless of this show as a small child and would cry when it came on. I watched it anyway. It's not really horror so much as it is surrealism, but it is a really good show and full of creepy imagery. Maromi is so cute yet so unsettling.

Perfect Blue

Uh Oh! I tricked you! This is really a list of Satoshi Kon works! But no, really, you can't have a list of anime horror without including Perfect Blue. It's the anime horror film. It's literally Perfect.

Vampire Hunter D(both of the movies)(read the novels too)

Vampires! Sci-fi! Goth!! Watch vampire movie . D.

Yami Shibai

Short, and with limited animation, I think Yami Shibai is a series sometimes overlooked by people searching for anime horror. But it's worth it! This is probably one of the few shows to legitimately hit me with that overwhelming paranoia about the night outside the window that good horror really does. You can watch the first season in like one or two sittings, there's no reason not to. Watch Yami Shibai.
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