Manga Roundup: Mid-August

This is sort of an experimental feature I may not revisit, but I thought I'd sit down and write about the slew of manga I've been sifting through lately. Ratings are not serious/definitive/technical, but based solely off of how much I enjoyed the content I experienced. Expect a lot of isekai. Not in any particular order. I've read 10+ chapters of each or if below 10 chapters released, everything that's currently available.

My Phoenix Is On Top!

A reincarnation isekai with a reverse harem premise. The art is kind of wonky but it stands out from the crowd because of how thin and fluffy it is. Somewhat annoyingly horny so far. I decided to continue reading it, at least, God knows where it'll go in the future. I like the isekais where the girl has an attitude, but the problem is that this girl reminds me way too much of the upstart heroines that get fucked over by my girl Su Luxia (mc of my #1 guilty pleasure Cheating Men Must Die). The evil minister's daughter is the exact kind of bitch character that Su Luxia would incarnate into, lol. Maybe there's a problem here if I'm thinking about better manhua when I'm reading a manhua...6.5/10

The Duchess's 50 Tea Recipes

Today's running theme.... reincarnation isekai. This is one where she's reincarnated into a Western style fantasy world, at least. It's about savoring and enjoying tea comfortably as a noblewoman... Escapism we truly need in these trying times (except for the fact that we shouldn't be glorifying the ruling class, that is). The thing that stands out to me about this one that I like is that is that the main character is always very mindful of the fact that she's replaced her body's original owner, but still possesses the real Chloe's memories, and feels a great deal of sympathy and regret for her. There is no greater solidarity in this world than a wallflower shaking with social anxiety forcing themselves to stand up to avenge another wallflower. Mentally ill bitches need to stay together... strength in numbers. The husband character's design is a little wonk but, well, you know, I'm in it for the tea. Not the bimbo man. There's also been some worrying subtext about class but we'll see how that goes. I think I'm coming up on a direct conversation about it.7/10

Goddess Creation System

Similar premise to MPIOT but a hell of a lot meaner about it, this poor girl killed herself and she still can't catch a break, can't even get reincarnated right. I'm really on the fence about continuing it, but the mechanics of the system remind me a little of some other things that I've liked. Unexcusable levels of misogyny coming from male leads that aren't even handsome. Solely in this for the encroaching sense of schadenfraude. Also it annoys me when these comics say the MC isn't a pretty girl but then draw her thin, with long pink hair and a large bust... Who are you trying to fool, man.6/10

I'm The Ex-Girlfriend Of A Soldier

Now this, this I enjoy. Simply delightful. I like that twist of her being reincarnated into a genre of novel she doesn't like, trashy harem fantasy, and just dumping the guy that's supposed to be the male lead that gets all the girls. There's something fantastic about how he looks so damn sad about it all the time simpering after her even after she says she's done with him. I do almost kind of feel bad for him, almost. But the real draw here is that she accidentally, obliviously ends up friendzoning the novel's demon lord despite the fact that he's the world's biggest, most obvious simp. It's Catarina Claes Syndrome... she's so focused on surviving and living comfortably in the fantasy world she's been put in that she's oblivious to everything else. This is ambrosia to me. I can feel a 100k slowburn fic vibe radiating off of it in waves. 8/10


Another standout, not only because of the pretty and engaging art, but because it has a very dry wit about it that doesn't mask the fact that the events taking place are serious and miserable. It's the kind of cynicism I don't mind. It also gives me FGO vibes because it's got an unforgiving gacha in it, and then there's the Master/Servant stuff... Maybe it just speaks to me because I, too, am a terminal gacha addict that spends too much time staring longingly at pngs of anime men. There's something to the fact that this poor girl is in a shitty situation with shitty health having to proselytize a shitty God or face death and the only person by her side is her 5* ikemen battle butler. Oh, and how I love the 5* ikemen battle butler. I have some slight, noticeable issues with the subtextual underpinnings of the God of Beauty but I'm interested in seeing whether this will be smart enough to address them. This gains a lot of points for not having weird pandering sibling relationships or slavery present too. Why is there so much isekai with that shit in there. I want to be at peace. 9/10

Yakuza Reincarnation

And now for something only somewhat different! In that it's seinen. Read this because I saw it on someone else's recommended list. There's something very fun about seeing an ole yak run around the fantasy countryside crushing people's balls and shutting down drug trade and talking about his turf and honor. It's sleazy in the usual sort of isekai + crime way, but not enough that it ruins it for me. There's heart in it, I mean. I think the action side of the plot has advanced too fast, but I'm also a casual reader that likes hard slowburn on stuff with at least 100 chapters, so. Well. I can overlook a little bad pacing and titty flopping. Also it has Accidental Trans vibes because he's reincarnated as a girl. Anyway. Yak attack. A solid piece of work. 7.5/10

And there you go. That's what all I've read within the past couple days. I might do this again in the future, who knows, it's a bit fun. I've been keeping up with a lot of manga lately; found a niche of fast food isekai I can actually stand.