As he worked on official documents- boring paperwork- his door slid open without warning. It took him by surprise, and he swirled around in his chair to see what in the hell was going on. No one should've had the clearance for his room-

" Masterson."

Nova's thick accent and deep, sultry voice always sent very unwelcome shivers down his spine, despite the fact that they functionally had no relationship.

" Y-yes?" he scrambled to make his desk less messy, and stood at the same time; cursed himself for tripping over his own feet.

Nova was giving him a very unflattering look, holding his folded cape. He had, at least, closed the door behind himself.

Actually, that made William a bit more nervous.

His stomach lurched a bit when he realized he hadn't actually been alone with Nova before. Not ever fully, one on one alone.

" I brought your cape back, since you're going to sleep soon," he said. " I assume you'll want it in the morning."

" Ah. Yes. Thank you."

He took it from him, and stared at him for a moment, unsure of what exactly else to say.

" I'm surprised your raeli isn't in here. She hovers around you at all other times of the day."

William tipped his head.

" My what?"

" Your partner. The little woman with long black hair." A pause. " Though I admit all humans look little to me."

William stared at him for a moment.

.... Did he really give off the impression of being that close with Kirie? That was more embarrassing than the fact that he had spilled his coffee on a prince.

" It's not anything like that! Kirie and I are just close because we were in the same class together throughout school. I- I'm not... I..." He found that his tongue was tied; he was stumbling over words, cape heavy in his hands, trying to find a way to explain himself and finding none.

Nova seemed, as always, unconcerned with the embarrassment he had caused him.

" You're the same age? I don't see how that woman could be of a lower rank than you. The DASS seems to be suffering from critical levels of mismanagement."

Nova stretched, and turned to leave.

" It's of no real importance. I'll take my leave now. I have reading to do."