The Writing Corner

Hello... and welcome to... Where my original fiction goes. Wack. You may notice that the color scheme here is completely different than the rest of the site. That's on purpose. Why? Because this is a haunted realm, full of many terrible things. I say that unironically. I try to handle the subject matter I go at with the degree of caution and empathy it requires but also some things are just gonna come off nasty no matter how they're written. But also I just changed the color scheme for this bit so that it's easier on the eyes while you're reading.

Now, all warning aside, enjoy my bastardry. For now I'm focusing on writing the first draft of tfiaam, and I'll try to regularly post updates to that.

The Future Is Also A Memory

The Future Is Also A Memory is a lot of things; it's soft sci-fi, military/political drama, and, first and foremost, it is . A gay catboy romance fic. I'll be posting updates to it about every couple days; I have a pretty decent backlog of content. Please keep in mind that this shit gets really heavy. Really heavy. Avoid if you are of a delicate constitution. I have written a content guide, but these warnings do fail to account for context.

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Joke art and assorted side/reference materials.

Poetry/Prose Archive

A neat little space tucked away for my shorter bits of writing. Most of these are abstract bullshit.

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