For once, Nova had trouble sleeping.

He was thinking about Thera again.

He didn't want to be.

But he had to be mistaken about William.

The man being at such a high rank compared to his peers- well, Nova still had trouble grasping the nuance of human age- was surely some sort of convenient administrative fluke, and Nova had been misinterpreting what he had meant earlier- because that would've meant he was even younger during the battle at Thera-

There was no way that that frustrating, incompetent, dopey, carefree idiot had been there. He could list a thousand insults off in his head and they were all more true than what he was thinking.

There was no way that William Masterson had been the Captain that had seized the battle almost singlehandedly and out-strategized his uncle and taken Thera out of his hands with such force-

William Masterson was a socially anxious, quivering wreck who constantly looked as though he was three or four days behind on sleep, barely taller than a child, probably made of flesh that bruised as easily as fruit and bones that shattered easier than glass, spilled coffee on his expensive clothes and subjected him to awkward conversation and Nova realized, in a flash of anger, that he had shredded one of his pillows with claws he hadn't even realized he had extended.

" Dammit!" he hissed, pushing the stuffing and case off his bed. " Goddammit..."