Kirie watched Lesa shovel a truly excessive amount of food down in record time, sitting in the hallway outside the main kitchen.

" You don't seem much like Lyena-Nova at all," she said.

" Ah... Brother's... All my brothers are very intense, but Lyena most of all," Lesa answered. " I only ever see him when he's fighting, or giving orders..."

" I only see ever see him lazing around in the library, or bothering William... sometimes he naps in our garden... I can't recall ever seeing him pick up a sword. But I've heard from the Commodore General that he's never lost a duel," Kirie said.

" He likes him a lot, to speak with him like that..." Lesa said absently.

" I didn't realize that until quite recently, myself," Kirie said. " Are you done eating, Lyeha-Lesa?"

" I... Yes."

" I'll show you round to the leisure sector. We've got a gym, a library, and a pool, and a gameroom. It should be relatively empty right now."

" Alright," she said.

... Kirie thought she still looked hopelessly melancholy.