They were out of the debris field by the end of the next day.

Looking out at space around them, it seemed just as empty as it had been before; not even a trace of the gargantuan floating graveyard they had spent three days sailing through.

" ... Did he ask you anything about it?" Kirie asked, sitting down at the cafeteria table for breakfast.

William popped the lid off of his drink.

" Hasn't even breathed your name," he replied. " I got myself a little tangled up in his secrets, too, so I think he sort of gets it?"

" William..."

" What?"

" I just wonder how much you really like him," she replied awkwardly.

" Don't worry about that! The answer is, a lot," he said, and smiled. " He's not so tough, you know? He's just standoffish."

Neda and Lesa joined them for breakfast as well.