When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was still in the hotel room, that Nova was wrapped around him, asleep.

... It hurt, a stabbing feeling in his chest, that he had looked at the pristine expanse of Nova's skin, and asked for nothing. Even when he felt Nova's eyes on his old scars, he hadn't even tried to incite him to action.

... He looked over Nova's unblemished skin, thought of how he had said that to be Lyena, he had to win countless duels. From a young age.

But such a thing had seemingly come easily, gracefully to him.

A restrictive feeling.

He ran his hand over Nova's chest, collar bone, throat...

" Wille, the fuck are you doing...?"

Ah, he'd woken him up.

" ... You're handsome," William said quietly.

" Yes. I am. Now go the fuck back to sleep... It's like three in the morning..." Nova mumbled, cuddling in a little closer, lazy flick of his ear. " Weirdo... Sleep assaulter..."

He wrapped his arms around him, and drew him close to his chest.

" ... Warm."