" Lyeha! We're going out today, right? I got you some comfy clothes to wear!"

Neda came in, holding a bag.

" It's just some of my things from last year that I outgrew, but I figured that since you've just been wearing Kirie's stuff, that it'd fit just fine," she said.

Lesa was already out of bed, brushing her hair.

" You're here earlier than I thought," she said, a bit surprised. She looked down at the bag Neda was carrying. " Is it really alright for me to borrow your clothes...?"

" I'd be honored if you'd accept them," Neda said, nervous smile.

" Of course I will," Lesa replied quickly. " I meant, you know, you're just too kind to me..."

" Hurry and get dressed! You'll look really pretty! We'll shop and get you some even nicer stuff today, too."

... Neda's smile felt like the sun.

Lesa wondered if that was just because it was her job to be nice to her. Because they had to spend so much time together. Because Neda was the only girl her age she knew.

Bitter, uneasy feeling.

" Y-yes, I'll hurry, Neda," she said, talking the bag anxiously, retreating to her room's adjoining washroom.

Door slammed, locked, closed.

She stared at her own body, wrackish and disgusting, as she stripped out of her nightclothes. Even with three meals a day, unlimited access to food, she still felt as though her bones were sticking out, like she was nothing but a whisp buried beneath awkward layers of fabric.

... It felt visceral, felt wrong.

The clothes were just barely too big, just noticeably saggy. She felt that too much of her neck and shoulders was exposed.

If Neda were to bump into her on the street, would she make a half-hearted joke about how her bones had jabbed into her?

" Ly-e-ha!" She heard her call.

" I'm dressed, I'm coming out!" she replied, sliding open the door, trying to put her shoes on at the same time.

... She was trying really, really hard.