No-o-ova, hel me onta the bed..."

Nova slung him up onto the mattress by his shirt, collapsed next to him; felt heavy. Perhaps to compensate for the fact that his body metabolized the alcohol faster than William's, he had drank far more. Or, at least he thought he had. William seemed as though he was barely able to move.

" Nooova... 'm wearin' too much... Nova..."

" Stop bitching," Nova huffed at him.

" Can.. Cand get it off by myself..."

Nova watched him try to drunkenly escape his sweater for a moment, then yanked it off himself. He couldn't see how he still had that much more fine motor control left, but it was whatever; a matter of struggling to remain in control of how fast or strongly his body moved.

Looking at William's bare chest again, his body, the thought prickled at the back of Nova's mind that his scars looked old. Very old. They looked like scars someone his age should not have. There were far too many of them.

William lifted his bandaged hand and ran it clumsily over Nova's chest.

" He-eyyyy, Nova, why d'you always stare sho much?" he mumbled, curling in closer to him. " Is jus... mars..."

" You are... so much drunker than me, Wille," Nova replied, intensely studying his wobbly movements.

William made an admittedly valiant effort to unclasp his belt.

" Fick... Fuck.. Fudk... No-ova, hel'me undo i.." he slurred, frustrated. Nova's eyes drifted down to his hands; uncoordinated, shaky.

" Keep your pants on, idiot," he scolded him. " The fuck you think you're gonna do? Go to sleep."

" Ih's fine.... m... Nonmva... Jus..." His mumbling was borderline incomprehensible. Nova watched him for a moment longer.

" Quit fucking around or I'm going back across the hall to sleep," he threatened.

" Noooo... we godda fuck..."

William pressed his face into his chest, his hands suddenly bunching up in the fabric of his shirt.

" Fuck no, I'm drunk, you're drunker... That's sesual assault, stupid idiot moron," Nova said, not bothering to push him away. " Dumbass supreme, it's rape, you little fool..."

He muttered a few more insults into William's hair.

" Is fine, ih's fine, ihs fine..."

" Fuck off, get to sleep. Go to sleep. For real..."