The thing was, when he saw Stheno Madoka, he recognized Stheno Madoka. He was still hot.

That wasn't so much a problem, since William had never cared for his creepy possessiveness, and Nova was better looking anyway.

The problem was that after that very dry and boring meeting, Stheno grabbed him by the wrist as he was trying to fast walk out of the building.

" Masterson," he said.

William swallowed, made a slight effort to pull his wrist away.

" It's been a while, hasn't it? Saw you on the news. Hero of Thrace, reduced to board meetings about wheat, huh?"

William felt frozen.

" We should catch up," Stheno said.

" ... I should get back to the hotel, Kirie's waiting," he excused himself.

" What, you got back into playing hard to get? We're adults, you shouldn't be using your beard as an excuse now."

" You know I've always been smooth faced," William replied sharply. He could feel Stheno release his wrist, start slipping his arm around his waist. William batted him away. " We're in fucking public."

" Not like that's ever stopped you before," Stheno replied, still tagging along. " Seriously, Masterson... I missed you, you know..."

" That makes one of us."

Stheno finally stopped walking.

" Fine. Keep on being frigid. I'll see you later," he said harshly.

" I would really rather not."