" ...Neda, do you have a crush on anyone?"

She opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in new clothes that still felt as though they didn't fit right.

Neda took a sip of her drink.

" ... Yeah, I guess so," she answered.

Lesa tried not to show any sort of emotion, tried to keep their conversation like casual talk.

" O-oh. On who?" she asked.

Neda fidgeted.

" ... If I tell you, will you tell me who you like?"

" Yeah, of course," Lesa answered.

Neda looked down at her hands, face burning bright red, with a fond expression.

" I... I guess it's pretty obvious, right...? I know it's a little strange, but... I like Lieutenant Honda..."

She looked up at Lesa.

" Who do you like?" she asked.

" Ah, you wouldn't... It's someone from back home, you know?" Lesa lied through her teeth, feeling sick.

" Oh, that's right, you really haven't been here long enough... And it's not like any boys hang out with us..."

" Yeah."