" I'm cold."

" Come let me hold you."

William kicked off the console and gently collided with Nova, sinking into his arms.

... He did feel colder than usual. Nova wrapped around him.

" Hey, Nova. Let's trade secrets. We gotta stay awake, you know."

" You go first, then."

" I had an affair with my freshman xenobiology teacher in academy."

" I slept with one of my servants."

" Like, your first time, or...?"

" Yes." A moment where he felt a bit standoffish. " Your turn, Wille."

William was quiet for a moment.

" I feel like what happened to Kirie was my fault. It was my fault."

" ... I requested to be onboard your ship specifically, because I wanted to see who had defeated my father."

The stars outside were pretty.

" I sabotage Kirie's promotions because I don't want her to leave me."

" ... I killed my favorite brother because he asked me to."


" William? Don't fall asleep, William-"