Ruxiam-1 was uneventful.

The flight from there, too.

William felt small, because most of the other passengers were Starka. Civilians. Nova almost stuck out, wearing DASS style clothes.

" I'm going to make you wear Starka clothes when we get across the border," Nova chided him. He was lost in thought, still, and almost didn't notice for a moment.

" What, you even have anything that'd fit me?" he asked in reply.

" That can certainly be arranged."

" Like I'd wear anything where my scars would be visible."

He scooted closer and sat up so that he'd be closer to Nova's ear.

" ... You're the only one I'll let see them now, I've decided," he said quietly.

Laughed a little at the fact that that had made Nova blush bright red.

... He was still fun to mess with like that, somehow. Seeing him flustered never got old.

The thought crossed his mind, again, that he really was in love with Nova.