The door opened.

" ... Lyena, Lanta wishes to visit with you."

" Send him away. ... If Vivan calls, him as well."

" ... So you're only ever going to speak to Lyewa-Nova and his raeli, while you're home?"

" I'm sure Lanta will only torment me."

" ... As you wish, then."

The door closed.

He curled up, feeling the slow working of his body trying to fix itself, moving in uncomfortable ways. As uncomfortable as ever, but at least working on the path to the way he had to feel to feel alright.

It had been so scary.

It really, really had been scary, and he was scared the whole time that he was going to die, and he didn't understand the ease with which Wille spoke of combat.

The things that Fausta said to him, the looks he gave him, the hatred in his every movement...

How had he won? Where had that sudden resolve came from? It felt as though he had suddenly become another person at that last moment, like all the fear had vanished at once, and that was the scariest thing of all.

... He looked down at his hand, arm still healing.

He was the first to scar Lorn-Fausta.

... Suddenly, a strange feeling. He yanked himself up to look at the window, but there was nothing there.

" Aauh..." A hiss of pain, blood staining bandages from split skin. He had moved too fast.

He slowly lowered himself back down onto the bed, under blankets.

... The first.