Staring at the scar on his hand from Nova's teeth.

The way that that had felt.

... Everyone had seemed so upset over it, so it was something that only he could understand, then. He had caused Nova pain, then, somehow, and received it in return.

...It had been a long time.


The thought of Nova. The taste of Nova. The frustration that came from their bodies being apart.

He pressed his face into the pillow, inhaled deeply, evenly.

Kept things evenly.

" Mm..."

The thought that Nova was binded to him, and his, and his alone.

The mere concept of other people being jealous or upset that Nova was his Nova.

" I'm ba- Ah."

The door opening, closing.

" H... hey. Wanna help me out with this?"


" Of course. I said I would, didn't I?"

... And so things went like that.