Sheets in the wash.

A white coat.

William held it up, looking it over. It seemed a bit old, but wellkept.

" Whose is this? You never... Actually, I've not seen anyone here wear white."

" I'm not Lyena right now, so I can't speak those words," Nova said, watching the washing machine. " But that's also something that happened before Lyena was born. So he can't really speak of it either."

The door opened.

" ... You're both in here."

Kaama's eyes strayed to the washing machine, and to how William was sitting between Nova's legs.

" Yes," William said.

" I was looking for you. Lyena's making an announcement in the main hall."

They both stood.

" ... What's he to say? I was under the impression his health was still in jeopardy at the moment," Nova said.

" Something about his name, I believe."

" I see."

William could feel how Kaama was looking at Nova; wondered if he felt that, too.

" We'll be up there shortly."