He hadn't realized exactly how frustrating a fight with William was, despite having watched him fight before.

None of his blows would connect; if the swords were to touch, William would immediately back away from it. He slipped away, then forward, like waves of water, and would throw his slight frame in ways and with momentum that Nova could not properly follow without stumbling.

It was irritating, to feel like he had to be on defensive even though William was the one on defensive.

He finally caught him, pressing the flat of his hand against his ribs as he tried to feint towards his back, knocking him to the ground; and in doing so, William swept his leg against the back of Nova's knees, causing them to buckle. He had to steady himself by digging his sword into the floor by William's head; and so William grabbed his wrist, knocked the back of his knees again, and dragged him down on top of him.

" This is fun," he said, same tone of voice as always. " You adapt very easily. It's no wonder that others have trouble fighting you."

" You're even more irritating than I had ever previously realized," Nova deadpanned back, disentangling himself.

William grabbed his collar and pulled him down into a kiss.

" I know," he said. " I love annoying you, Nova."

" ... I love you too, but is this really the time for this?"

" Mhm."

And again.