William put up a large and frankly embarrassing photo of Lina feeding him a piece of cake with the other girls crowded around on the biggest display screen in his office.

" W. What exactly is this about?" He asked.

" Prima! When did you get so many girlfriends?" William asked, conspiratorial. " I understand that you've been freed from your family legacy, but this many at once? I personally don't see a problem, but Nova told me to get on to you for it!"

Prima took a deep breath.

" They are not my girlfriends," he clarified. " They are my fan club."

" That sounds lewd too," Nova pointed out, seated in William's chair.

" That's not fair, that's not a legal extracurricular organization, that's a cult of personality, why don't I have a fan club?" William rambled.

" I'm right here," Nova responded.

" Anyway! None of us are doing anything lewd, Brother, they just like me because I'm a prince and I defeated Lorn. So they bring me lunch and spend their free time with me, and stuff like that. It's perfectly innocent."

" That's what you think!"

" I mean, listen, Prima, Nova's right to be paranoid! One bad break up and you'll ruin your reputation... Plus how do you think it would look if sometime filed charges like that while serving in my fleet! We already get told off all the time for being so lax..."

" Charges like what? Wille, have more faith in me!"

" Do you even like girls or are you stringing their attentions along because you get free food and they do your laundry?"

" They don't do my laundry!"

" Do you like girls? Are you straight?"

Prima felt like he might die of embarrassment.

" Yes! I like girls! I like being surrounded by cute girls but I love all of them equally, I'm not going to sleep with anyone, I just want to have friends for the first time in my horrible wretched life, oh, please don't interrogate me anymore, Wille, what have I ever done to you!"

" ... Sufficient," Nova observed.

" Alright, go back to your girlfriend thing now," William said cheerily, waving him out.

He left as fast as he could, and avoided eye contact with Kirie, who had been standing politely outside the door with a stack of papers.