A middle-aged human woman greeted them at the small spaceport.

" Commodore General William Masterson..." Her face lit up after a moment. " You're one of Masterson's children, aren't you?"

William smiled.

" Yes. I'm surprised you know of such a thing," he said.

" Well, I'm the head of agricultural development on Larananda-3 now, but back then I was a clerk in the social services division," she said. " It caused such a huge stir, you have no clue! We had all these kids, and no idea wh..."

She trailed off as she saw Prima and Nova getting off the ship. A welcome release. She motioned over to them.

" You've brought... Starka?"

" Well, yes. Lyena-Nova and Lyewa-Prima are currently visiting as cultural ambassadors, and a good deal of the soldiers currently in my service are DASS Starka, as , since many from Thrace fall under my section's jurisdiction. Is there a problem?" he asked.

" Not so much for me, but... The local council might be a bit on edge about it..."

" Oi. Wille. Who is this?" Nova had stalked up, giving off his usual air of arrogance and coldness.

" Oh, it's the head of the DASS's agricultural development here!" William turned back to her. " I believe your name is Pollianna Morey?"

She nodded.

" That's right. I take it, then, you're one of the... princes?" she asked of Nova, looking distinctly uncomfortable.

" I'm the Crown Prince, Lyena-Nova. Pleasure to meet you," he responded coolly.

They shook hands.