" What's it like on other planets?"

" It's crazy. The sky is different. The stars and constellations, too. When I lived at home, it was only ever that one unchanging night."

Kou had invited him to lie on the roof of her house with him. It was a small town. There wasn't too much else to do, he figured.

" Lots of different skies, huh..."

" ... This is the prettiest one," he said quietly. " There's not any light pollution, so it's like you can see everything. It's like looking though the big windows on Wille's ship. There's just lots and lots of space."

" Really?"

" Yeah..."

" I think I'd like to see some other skies..." she said, as though it was a confession. " If only for a little while."

" Kou..."

... She had fallen asleep.