" You know, everybody in town is going to be talking about you and that girl," Nova said.

" Well, I hadn't thought of that..."

" News travels very fast in small towns, Prima. Exercise more discretion."

Sifting through papers.

" What'd you call me in here for, anyway?"

" I want to know more about this Stheno Madoka," Nova said, scrutinizing an uncrumpled finance report.

" Can't you just ask Wille? Or Kirie? Or some other thing that's not invasive or sneaky?" Prima asked politely.

" You're too nice," Nova countered immediately. " Wille himself is incredibly sneaky. He would never come out and say things. If he just says something straight up it's either because he's lying or in an altered state of consciousness."

Prima looked down at all the paperwork, disinterested in it.

" Doesn't sound like something someone in a healthy relationship would say," he said.

" You've been here for a week and you're playing lovebirds with the daughter of the most important person in town," Nova responded. " Find anything with Sth- What are you doing?"

" Calling Wille."

" Prima, Lyewa, don't you-"

The sound of him picking up.

" Ah, Prima, what is it? I'm sending some papers over to Dawson, make it quick," William said from the other side of the line.

" Nova's going mad with jealousy," Prima said. " So what's the whole deal with Stheno Madoka?"

Nova flopped back on his bed and clawed up his comforter in silent, overdramatic rage.

" Oh, really? He's just some guy I fucked in high school," William replied casually. " He's tried to come onto me a couple times but I've been turning him down. He sort of creeps me out these days."

" Why'd you get with him in the first place, then?" Prima asked, ignoring the fit Nova was throwing.

" Mm.... Oh fuck, I bent that one..." Rustling. " Oh, right, it was mostly 'cos he was nice to me. Pretty hair and he taught me how to skip class without getting caught. The xenobiology teacher totally caught on, though."

" Ahh, I see. You heard that, right, Nova?"

... Nice hair.