" I can't sleep in here," Kaama had said. " It's... too weird."

An uncomfortable silence.

" Please," Nova asked, stonefaced.

Kaama looked immensely guilty, and also like he was struggling to hide revulsion.

" I don't even want to touch you," Nova pleaded. " I just don't want to be in here alone."

Kaama looked down upon him, curled up on the bed, holding the coat.

Some sort of resolve sparked in his eyes.

" It's fucked up, Nova," he said. " You can't just... Not after all that... It's really, really fucked up, and everybody here knows how fucked up it is, and you shouldn't be making things any worse for yourself."

A pause.

" As... As L-Lyena, you shouldn't be making things any worse for yourself!"

... Nova realized he was crying, and that he had no reply.