Pollianna Morey came up to the Theologica with the intent to sue.

" I'm afraid that I have no authority over the personal indiscretions of non-DASS passengers," William informed her with a bright smile. " Would you like a cup of water while you're here-?"

She glared at him.

" My daughter is sixteen. You should have the decorum and professionality to restrain full grown men from-"

" Ah, Lyewa-Prima is seventeen, though. And Starka age slower than people. So there isn't really an age difference of any concern," he pointed out.

A moment.

" Well, I can understand your misgivings, Mrs. Morey. But they're teenagers, and this is peacetime. We're all civilized here; Starka, human, Laran. Staying strictly to one's own kind is an outdated way of doing things." He leaned back. " Even if I wanted to, I couldn't prosecute him for anything anyway."

Well, that was a blatant lie, but it was whatever. He didn't want to have to bother with paperwork, and he found Prima's continued presence advantageous in maintaining a sense of power.

" Commodore General Masterson," She addressed him with a flat voice. " I had family who died in that war. Forgive my selfishness, but isn't it reasonable for me to want to keep my daughter away from their royalty?"

" Mm, but shouldn't you care about how she feels too? This isn't a military matter, or really much of a political one. We're leaving next month, anyway. Let them have a nice summer."