" Your creepy ex tried to assault me and insulted your honor while you were passed out last night."

" Ah, did he really? Some things never change, huh."

" You have horrible taste."

" I do, don't I."


" Want the rest of my breakfast? I'm not hungry."

Nova gave him a stern look.

" You need to eat when you wake up," he said. " You barely ate anything yesterday, anyway."

" Food's not that important, I just need enough to function properly," William said dismissively.

" Stupid attitude," Nova sniped. " Eat your damn breakfast."

" Don't be so mean. I thought you were getting better about being mean."

Nova flicked his ear.

" Nothing can change me," he said drily. " I'll be mean for the rest of my life."

" Ah, but aren't you just mad because you're concerned?" William said. " I've got you figured out! You put up a tough front, but you're really soft inside."