" Help me bleach my hair."

... This request took Prima completely by surprise.

" Are you sure? It's going to be awful to deal with later, or if we mess it up."

Nova sat down on his bed.

" I'm sure," he said stiffly.

" Why not ask Wille?" Prima inquired.

" I didn't want to."

Prima gave him an exasperated look.

" You need better communication skills," he said. " What's going on with you now?"

Nova looked away from him, standoffish.

" ... I'm just... concerned... that maybe Wille doesn't like me for who I am," he admitted, with great difficulty. " Stheno Madoka... is taller than him... and has black hair... and he's ill-mannered."

Prima laughed a little.

" Nova, that's so silly. He loves you a lot? Everybody can tell, it's sort of like, almost scandalous-"

" I'm Lyena, so help me dye my hair," Nova cut him off abruptly. " Kaama isn't here, so I need somebody else's help."

Prima sighed, deeply.

" Fine," he said.