Waking up alone in the middle of the night.

He hadn't seen Nova since he came back from town, but slept in his room anyway. The bed was more comfortable. The cat came up and laid on the pillow next to his head.

" Hey, Butter Baby," he said, and gave it a little scritch.

He still felt tired.

He had had a bad dream again, but couldn't quite remember what it was about.

... He really wished Nova was with him.

He hadn't ever really had that feeling before.

He had mostly been fine with being lonely at night.

But sleeping next to Nova was really nice, somehow.

The door cracked open.

" Oh... Wille... You're in here?"

He heard Nova's voice.

... Right when he needed him.

" Yeah... I... Your bed's more comfy."

He felt Nova flop down next to him.

It was completely, completely dark, and so to reaffirm that he was there, he reached out, and wrapped his arms around him. He pressed his head to Nova's chest.

" ... You're the only person I've ever felt this way about," he said quietly. " So please, don't ever leave me alone..."

" I love you," Nova said quietly. " I love you more than anything else in this world."