" Do you think they've hit a rough patch?"

" I... Yes. I think things are probably difficult because... William isn't good at saying the things that he means."

Prima thought on it for a moment.

" Lyena really isn't either," he said.

" William bottles things up inside and tries to act like everything is fine, no matter what," Kirie explained. " Like, when I got hurt... He came to my hospital room all cheery, and did this, and said, 'You just have to smile, and everything will be alright!', and was really sappy. But I know that... inside... he was sad too. He just didn't know he was, I think."

She had mimed putting two fingers to the edge of her lips, but she didn't smile.

" Well... At least Lyena never tries to force himself to be happy," Prima said. " But I sort of think he's trying to force himself to be the sort of person Wille likes too much, too."

" ... This line is taking forever, isn't it."