The thing was, ever since he had dyed his hair, William seemed to be physically incapable of keeping his hands out of it. Even if he couldn't reach his head, he'd grab at his tail.

" Wille, do you have no tact whatsoever?"

" Nova. It's so pretty. How could I ever keep my hands away?"

He cupped Nova's face.

" You look like gold! You look like the fields of wheat outside! You look like you're shining!" he said, with a great deal of passion, standing on tiptoe.

" ... This level of praise is acceptable," Nova replied, trying not to blush. Very difficult.

" I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to be clingy," William complained, snuggling up closer to him. " I hate being here so much... It's better when I can spend all my time with you."

Door open.

Nova stepped away from him.

" Commodore General, Admiral Chzgurit sent over some paperwork and a request for a video conference later this evening," First Officer Sivira said.

They did a double take, presumably shocked by Nova's hair, but said nothing.

" Yes. Set that on my desk. I'll probably need to call Kirie in later, as well," William responded. " We've almost wrapped up negotiations for the SthenoCorp deal, anyway, so we need to be planning our next star course."

" That's correct," Sivira replied. " And we'll also need to be speaking about personnel issues."

" Mm. Right. Not having so much of my fleet makes me a bit anxious."

William turned to Nova.

" Nova, I'll need some time for my more confidential dealings."