" Hm? Oh, well of course not."

William continued writing.

" W-why not? She wants to go, so-"

He set his pen down and looked up.

" First and foremost, it's illegal for a military vessel to carry passengers under the age of seventeen. Secondly, she's the daughter of someone incredibly influential in this sector's agricultural division. Furthermore, there's absolutely no legitimate basis for her to be aboard. The fact that you like her and find her attractive doesn't mean she'd be of any use to the fleet at large. I have an 'essential personnel only' policy, and I keep it strictly."

Prima stared at him in silence, taken aback and obviously crestfallen.

... He hadn't expected William to react that way. He had thought that William was supportive of his relationship with Kou.

" We could find some reason-"

" Prima. You have to consider my political position when you suggest things such as this."

So that was that.