He ran into Kirie in the break room again.

" Oh, Prima, I haven't seen you around lately. Are you well?" she asked politely, retrieving a second drink from one of the vending machines.

" Mm," he barely acknowledged her, sliding his card into one of the other machines. He needed something with a lot of caffeine. Pretty badly.

It took him a moment to notice that she looked taken aback.

" Ah. Kirie. I... I'm just a little busy, is all."

She tipped her head.

" Is everything alright? If something's bothering you, you should tell William," she offered, apparently trying to be helpful.

... It would be difficult to explain that William was precisely the source of his troubles.

Or maybe he was the source of his own troubles.

If he'd never messed around with Kou, leaving wouldn't be such a big issue. But he had done a lot of stuff with Kou, and they were leaving, and he didn't know exactly what to do about it, because he really didn't want to leave Kou, he really liked Kou, but it wasn't like he could stay, either.

" ...Prima?"

" I'm just. I'm a little out of it. Sorry. I'll be going back to my room. Tell Wille I said hi," he excused himself, and hurried away.