" Who're you?"

" ... I'm Lyena."

The man in front of him gave him an unbearably harsh look.

" You're not... Lyena-Ifrit."

" I'm not."

He looked over at the Lorn, as though for guidance.

" Introduce Lyena to the workings of the fleet," he said shortly, and then left.

They stared at each other for a while.

" ... My youngest brother is around your age. Would you be more comfortable speaking with him?"

" It doesn't matter."

" Do you have any questions for me?"

A pause.

" ...We're on temporary ceasefire with the Landan front, aren't we?"

He looked a little surprised that Nova had asked such a question.

" Well, yes."

" How should I go about dismantling Lyena's fleet before it ends? ...I don't want to continue fighting for something he didn't even believe in..."

The man stiffened, staring down at him.

" ... We can discuss more complex matters later on."