... Roots.

He stared at them in the mirror, a sort of self-critical death glare. It had been awhile since his last haircut... Yes, that had been the day before he boarded the Theologica. His neatly trimmed hair had grown out into a shaggy mess, and then he had bleached all of it... Now, in his reflection, he didn't look like himself at all.

... So who was this person?

This wasn't Lyena-Nova.

Being in DASS for so long... He felt like it was starting to do something to his head.

Why did he stay? Why did he like William so much? Why did he suddenly ally himself with one of his brothers? Why did he change so much about himself?

What had he seen, what had he seen done, that was worth changing himself to that degree?

When he searched the reflection of his eyes for answers, he found none.