" Heyyy, Nova! I brought you breakfast!"

" Don't wake me up so early... Don't you have any propriety..." he mumbled grievances as William flicked on the light.

" It's our half-anniversary, you know? That's six months since we started seeing each other, eight since we met... I've made plans," William declared valiantly.

" Plans to let me sleep longer, I hope..." Nova pulled his blanket up round his face.

" I got you fancy breakfast, and I'm taking a day off..."

William fell down next to him.

" Wow. What a great present."

" I do my best."

" You're letting your personal life interfere with your work yet again, I see."

" They're the same for me."

" Capricious as ever."

A shift.

" Nova... You know... I'm yours for the day..."