The door opened.

" William! I've been looking for you all day!"

It was Kirie, and she seemed exasperated.

" I've been with Nova,"' William said, sitting up. " What's wrong?"

She pulled a face.

" You know what's wrong," she said. " I tried calling you earlier. Dad's memorial service is..."

She trailed off, looking at Nova.

" You have watched the memorial with me every year, and you're not missing this one," she said. " Regardless of whether Lyena-Nova is here or not."

Nova watched him stand.

" It's not like I was going to miss it," William complained. " You know I wouldn't do that."

" Pardon my asking, but what exactly is going on, Kirie?" Nova asked.

She shot him a look that he had never seen from her before; something burning.

" It's the anniversary of my father's death," she said shortly.