... The memorial service was the same as ever. A stiff, polite video conference. Kirie's relatives asking uncomfortable things.

" Kirie, don't you think you should retire from this soon? You should be thinking about starting a family," one of her aunts complained at her.

" When are you two going to get married?" another asked, and that set the whole lot off into a terrible discussion that William knew Kirie probably found more horrific than even he did.

It was something they put up with anyway, because it was the only time of year they saw those people.

And it was for Robert's sake... Though William didn't know how this discussion of lavender marriage could serve to honor his memory in the least.

He wished that he could've been able to spend more time with Nova prior to this veritable assault.

" You know, promotions are coming up," Kirie cut in. " I've applied for one myself this year."

" They better promote you! You've been there long enough! You should be an officer by now!"

" Oh, Kirie, don't test your luck... Consider your condition... Besides, doesn't William take care of you enough already?"

... And so they continued squabbling like that.