Nova was stopped by him in the hallway.

" You. Lyena, Prince, or whatever they call you. I've been meaning to talk to you," he said.

" You could show me some small modicum of respect," Nova replied, not turning to face him.

" What have you done for me to earn it?" he asked in turn.

" What do you want from me?" Nova asked.

" I want to know why it is that your so-called 'diplomatic tour' has gone on for so long," General Masterson said. " For that matter, why is diplomacy so important to you as Crown Prince that you've come here yourself and brought your younger brother?"

" I don't need to explain myself to you," Nova replied. " I'm not sure it's a matter you could understand easily, anyways."

" It seems that you don't understand why I'm asking, either," General Masterson replied. " The higher-ups are taking an interest in the reasoning behind your extended visit."

" If I were to say something as childish as 'I've become intrigued by the Commodore General', would you take that as an answer?"

" I can't see the Lyena having anything but disdain for someone who once bested him. Or maybe you're still looking for ways to win against him?"


" William Masterson is as much an unconquerable mountain as he's ever been," Nova replied. He noted a twinge of disdain in the general's eyes when he said his last name. " What is it that you think of him, General? Since you share a name."

A moment.

" I don't see how that information could be of any use to you," he replied stiffly.

" Fine then. Give me no answers, and you won't receive any in return."