" Lyewa. Would you happen to know where the Lyena is?"

Prima practically jumped out of his seat, and the sudden appearance of the General seemed to have surprised the others as well; Lori and Kada both paused mid-conversation to stare.

" Ah, well, since it's lunch, he's probably with the Commodore General," Prima answered.

" Good. I have a matter I need to discuss with them-"

" Ah! That can wait, right? Til after lunch? I mean, you probably shouldn't bother them," Prima said quickly, cutting him off.

" And why is that?"

General Masterson gave him a withering look.

" W-well, they're probably talking about something important, I mean, no one is supposed to disturb their lunch breaks, I mean, the Commodore General is also very busy and he doesn't get much free time, and I mean, if it's not an urgent matter, you should wait, so...."

It didn't seem like General Masterson was listening to him.