" The House of Commons?"

" Yes, I was chosen to represent their interests in the Shian affair. Is it a problem, Lyena?"

... Mordau, again.

Right when Nova thought he'd finally been rid of him, he showed right back up. Irritating.

The fact that he didn't know was what annoyed Nova the most. He didn't seem to care at all about Nova's social ostracization from his peers in the nobility, and always made an effort to speak with him freely.

... It bothered him also that Mordau had spoke of having a father.

It made them too much alike.

He didn't want to be like anyone; he didn't want to be close with anyone.

Even Kaama didn't speak with him kindly anymore.

" What interest do they have in that backwater, anyway?" Nova huffed after a moment, displeased.

" It's just in the interest of ethical management."