The planet was small, barely inhabitable, and in the middle of one of the most important trade routes in the DASS.

It was known as Ferni-1b, a bit smaller and over fifteen aus away from its sister planet Ferni-1a, another important DASS base. They bordered the spoke of sectors 25 and 26; the barren space between rendered almost impassable during the war.

This was the place at which they arrived.

This was a place that William did not like, for certain reasons.

" Oh, Commodore General!" A slight pause. " And General Masterson, as well? Welcome back to Station F59!"

The speaker was a slim Fernese- a person whose face William had not seen in several years.

" Good to see you, Land Admiral Ygard," William greeted xem politely, removing his cap and tipping his head slightly.

General Masterson did the same, though he did not speak.

" I trust you've come to meet with the Starka's Chancellor Mordau? He's been getting anxious," Ygard said.

" Of course," William replied. " I apologize for my delay. I had to take some unavoidable detours."

Ygard thought about this for a moment, and then affirmed it.

" Yes... I've heard that Anti-DASS terrorism has been on the rise," xe said. " There was the incident with the passenger liners from Siluria, and several civilians were apparently injured somewhere in sector 43. That's almost directly across from here, if you flatline the map."

" Mm, news travels fast, doesn't it," William mused. " I've been on-guard since Siluria for this reason."

A slight pause.

" That's right. You voted during the referendum, didn't you?" Ygard cast xer gaze over to General Masterson. " Though, General, I believe you were still at Alsterval at the time

" Yes. I've been working with the branch of DASS Social Services there," he said stiffly.

" I see."